At Zion Lutheran Church, in our worship services you are given the greatest thing in existence: The Word of God. We do this by following the liturgy as presented in the Lutheran Service Book.  The word ‘Liturgy’ comes from a Greek word meaning a charitable gift, a public service, and also the service of religious leaders in Old Testament times. When we follow the liturgy, we remember it is God who is charitable. God serves us. God publicly gives us gifts of forgiveness.  God has led His people ever since the days of the Old Testament, and God continues to do so today.

The liturgy presented in our hymnal all comes from various places in the Bible. The hymns we sing, psalms we chant, the sermon the pastor preaches, everything is centered on the Word of God. This is done so you will be reminded again and again throughout the worship services that in spite of your sins, God loves you. God desires a relationship with you, and to accomplish this He sent His Son to die and rise for you. Throughout the worship services you will be constantly assured of God’s free gifts of forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus’s death and resurrection.