God has always desired a relationship with humanity and has always made Himself known to us. When God first created Adam and Eve, He spoke with them face to face. After the world was corrupted by sin, our relationship with God was corrupted as well. God however still desired a relationship with us.

Throughout the times of the Old Testament God would speak by various prophets. Then God spoke to us through His Son, Jesus Christ, when He came into this world by being born of the virgin Mary. God continues to speak to us today through the Words of Jesus which were recorded for us by the apostles, commonly known as the Holy Bible.

We believe, teach and confess that all Scripture, while written with the hands of men, is given by the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit and that God is therefore the true Author of every word of Scripture. We believe that all Scripture bears witness to Jesus Christ and that its primary purpose is to make men wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Through the Bible we are shown the severity of our sin. We are also shown how God has chosen to save us from our sins by sending His Son to die and rise again so we may have forgiveness of sins and the promise of everlasting life.