We would like to extend a heart felt thanks to: Pastor Davidson, Lori Ullerich, Wendy Finnell, Steffani Tarrell and Janet Klute for organizing VBS and Janice Dickerson for VBS registration each day.  We had a total of 37 children attending this year and utilized 17 volunteers to help manage lessons, crafts, and play for the week. Thank you to Randy & Kenner Baxter for hosting the counselors, LWML for providing snacks each day, thank you to Ethel Schlueter for making the cookies, and to LWML for donating money for the counselors lunches three days. Golden Years was gracious enough to invite the counselors to their pot- luck on Monday. Suppers were provided by Lyle & Marie Kucera, Grace Circle at Bob & Marilyn Vernon’s and, Fred & Janet Klute.  Marie Parrott prepared the meal for Thursday night after the program.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this week possible!