Traci, the youngest of seven children born to Leland and Ethel Schlueter, was born in the Atlantic Hospital. The older children included Traci in their activities. Brother Lonn would take her motorcycle riding and hunting. Her father traveled on the road with Swift and Company, and so they moved to Nebraska shortly after her birth.  When she was age 4 they returned to Atlantic, where she grew up, graduating in 1979. She was active in sports, participating in volleyball, basketball, track, softball, and swimming and diving. She  participated in 4H and other social activities including Girls’ Choir and the Girls Recreation Association. She also liked to roller skate and ride her horse around town.

Following graduation she attended Dana College for 1 ½ years, studying commercial art. Her sister lived in Storm Lake, so she attended Cosmetology School there for a year. While there her brother-in-law asked her to help open up a Family Table in Denison. This was the first Family Table, and he later owned 7 of them, including in Atlantic. She did this for 1 ½ years, doing all the normal restaurant chores. Not wanting to be a restaurant owner-operator, Traci did cosmetology work in Denison, working for “His and Hairs” for a few years.

She was married in Las Vegas on Super bowl Sunday; Daughter Brenna was born in Denison. Traci was later separated and divorced, and in 1989 moved back to Atlantic, where her family lived.  Back in Atlantic Traci worked for Safeguard Business System, and later for Upper Cut, where she worked full time for 9 ½ years.

In 1999 she bought her current home, which has a shop in it. This way she was able to be home for Brenna. Traci has been doing Electrolysis, the permanent removal of hair, since 1987 and Cosmetology since 1981. Daughter Brenna went to Iowa Western, is an LPN, and has just moved to Hamburg, where her boyfriend, Dustin, has work at the nuclear Plant in Brownville, Nebraska. Dustin is Laurie Ullerich’s brother’s son.  Brenna works at the Vista Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln, working three 12-hour shifts a week. She stays with a friend while in Lincoln. When Brenna was 8, Traci won a $2,500 travel voucher, and they took a trip to Disney World, and went on a cruise. While there they swam with the dolphins.

Traci has always been very active at Zion, currently serving as chairman of the Fellowship Committee. She is also treasurer of the Joy Circle, and attends the Sunday Morning Bible Class. Monday night is bowling night. She helps take care of her mother, getting her groceries, and taking her places. On Memorial Day they travel to Nebraska, Ethel’s home, to decorate graves. Traci likes to do artsy stuff, painting, and calligraphy. She likes CSI shows and keeps track of a soap opera over the noon hour. Her only animal is Brenna’s cat Luna, who stays with her quite often. We thank Traci for all she does for Zion, and wish her and her family God’s blessings into the future.