There are some days that life seems like such a struggle (especially for adults).  But when I stop and think back, God has blessed us in so many ways through the years.  I remember the oil shortages of the 70’s and attending workshops in High School that told us students that we would “exhaust all our oil resources within 25 years.” (I graduated from High School almost 37 years ago… I think we still have oil reserves!)  God saw us through then, and I remember many good things from those years.  The Lord has promised to be with us always.  I am reminded of the hymn “Have no fear, little flock… For the Father has chosen To give you the Kingdom” (LSB 735).  In Christ, God is pleased with us and we are dear children of the Heavenly Father.  So why do we worry so?

        However, there is one area here at Zion that especially causes me concern … how hard our nomination committee must work to find candidates for the congregational officers that we will be electing in June.  Often we have to ask 5 or more people for each office.  To those who have been asked and accepted a nomination and to those who have had to decline a nomination after prayerful thinking about serving, I thank you for your prayerful considerations — our Lord has His timing in everything.  If you realize that now is perhaps God’s timing for you to take a more active role in the leadership of Zion, please contact the church office.  Thank you for the ways you serve God and other people here at Zion.

        Also on Sunday, May 15th, we are planning for our graduation High School Seniors a church recognition at 9:15 a.m. and a reception at 10:30 a.m.  If you would like to help out with celebrating this accomplishment of our young people, please contact the church office.

        It is good that spring is finally here!  I pray that God will give our farmers weather to get into the fields in a timely manner and bless them with a bountiful crop.  Remember, whatever we face, our Lord has promised to always be with us.  “He who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23).

        See you in Diving Service.                                                                    Picture1