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Little Lamb’s News

Little Lambs Preschool (712-243-4421)

There are still openings available for the fall three-and four-year old preschool programs.  If you know of anyone that will turn three or four before September 15th, please let them know about our preschool program.  Director, Alice Davidson



August 2nd, 2018|

Kids Come First

Kids Come First  (712-243-7797) Open from 5:30 – 6:00 p.m.

I want to thank my staff for the great job that they did when they took the kids to the splash pad on Friday, June 29th.  That was the day that the storm came up when no one was expecting it to.  The kids and staff had been at the splash pad for an hour when the storm hit.  They were able to get to the bus safely but then when the sirens went off went to the bathrooms there at the splash pad.  The driver of the SWITA bus called the court house in Walnut to find a safe spot for our staff and kids to go to.  They went to the school and hung out there until the storm was over.  They did an awesome job in keeping our kids safe and calm.  Our trainings do come in handy when needed.

The children also attended Vacation Bible School the week of July 9th form 9:00 to 11:30am

The kids enjoy doing arts and crafts.  In the first picture Aaliyah is painting with the kids and in the second picture, Liz is doing a science experiment.  We also made witness bracelets for Ellie Menz and tied bandages using white sheets.  If anyone has white flat sheets that they no longer need we will take them.  We cut and tear them into three to four inch strips and then roll them up.                                                Director, Alice Davidson


August 2nd, 2018|

Come See the Church Basement Ladies!

Tickets have been purchased so contact the church office as soon as possible to reserve your seats to this hilarious play!

August 1st, 2018|

Calling of a Pastor and Pastor’s Acknowledging the Reception of a Divine Call

When a Missouri Synod congregation desires to call a pastor who is serving in the field (as opposed to calling a pastor directly from one of our seminaries), her voters or a group designated by the voters will generally start the process by meeting with her district president or his representative. They usually conduct a survey of the needs for the congregation’s ministry and also each member of the congregation can submit names of pastors he or she believe could serve them. The district president will then get background information on these suggested pastors (perhaps adding his thoughts or assessments) and also add additional pastors that he feels could lead the congregation. Often a group chosen by the voters who will then work through the information on the “call list”. In some cases, this group contacts the pastors on the list to make sure each one can prayerfully consider a call from their congregation.

I’ve heard these contacts about whether a pastor could consider a call (somewhat jokingly) referred to as “divine feelers”; they are not a divine call but simply an inquiry as to whether a pastor could prayerfully consider a call (sickness, congregational transitions, family issues, educational commitments, etc. are reasons that a pastor couldn’t consider a call which probably wouldn’t be included with the information that comes with a “call list”). Over the past 31 years, I’ve received about a dozen of these inquires and only one of them eventually resulted in me receiving a divine call from the inquiring congregation. Generally, I have told them that I could prayerfully consider a call; however, in one or two cases I have shared information that might make such consideration difficult (like they wanted a part-time pastor) while reassuring them that if they were moved by the Holy Spirit to issue me a divine call that I would prayerfully consider it (I believe that each call issued by a congregation of Christ’s people is divine and must be carefully, prayerfully considered).

Sometimes this group designated by a congregation’s voters will also send questionnaires, do surveys or conduct interviews of pastoral candidates. The past few years, I responded to a couple of surveys and had one phone interview with a congregation. I was also invited to fly to a location with Alice for a personal interview. While I told that congregation I would prayerfully consider if they did extend me a call, I also declined the personal interview. I shared with their district president that there was an extenuating situation outside their congregation but within their community (relatives of someone) which probably would’ve made ministry very difficult for my family and myself – I don’t like to waste the Lord’s money so I declined the personal interview.

Looking back on how this played out: in late December of 2004, I received a phone call from Merle Elsberry asking if I could prayerfully consider a call from Zion. I told Merle that I could prayerfully consider such a call. A couple of weeks later, I received a phone call telling me that you had extended me a call to serve as your pastor. I waited until I received your call documents in certified mail. This packet included a formal call document signed by your leaders, information about Zion’s ministry and the Atlantic/Cass County area, and information about the benefits and salary you were offering. Once I received the formal call document, I drafted letters to you here in Zion (which I mailed to you and am sure was read in the church services), to the Iowa District West president, the Nebraska District president, and the congregation I was serving, St. Matthew, Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, (which I read in church). All of these letters told about me receiving a divine call from Zion and asked for prayers to help as I considered with the Holy Spirit guidance which divine call I should serve,  either that from St. Matthew, Cedar Bluffs, or from Zion, Atlantic. After a few weeks, I wrote letters to the same groups and individuals telling them that the Holy Spirit was moving me to accept the call here to Zion. That’s generally how the process works. If you would like to see this process working out in our District check out “The Messenger” which includes a section on Pastors Calls received, declined and accepted and also those for Commissioned Ministers (teachers, DCEs, etc.).


August 1st, 2018|

Area Congregations Exploring Work Together

On Thursday, July 19, twenty-two of our area sister LCMS congregations’ elders, deacons, leaders, and pastors met at St. John Lutheran in Casey to continue discussing how our area congregations could work together. We talked about what’s going on with Immanuel Lutheran in Adair, IA. They are in a holding pattern trying to figure out how to move forward together; however, they are not stuck because at least once a month they have a joint worship service with St. John, Casey, alternating between Adair and Casey with Pastor Kuening (Dexter & Casey) leading them and are conducting a survey of all their members. St. John Lutheran, Adair, will be closing in September. We also spent quite a bit of time talking about how we might form an area, circuit youth group that would meet every so often led by lay leaders from the involved congregations with assistance from the pastors. All members of our area LCMS congregations are invited to continue this discussion on Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 7 PM, at St. John Lutheran in Casey.


August 1st, 2018|

LWML News (Lutheran Women in Mission League)

July and August-   Joy Circle is in charge of kitchen supplies

   Circles do not meet during the month of August


Mission military in gathering; you are invited to bring these items:  Protein and granola bars, individually-wrapped hard candies, Tootsie roll pops, suckers, rice krispie treats, small cans of Pringles or small cracker packs (peanut butter, cheese, etc.) small packages of nuts, chewing gum (especially “breath enhancers” when you cannot always brush after a meal).  Personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, bar soap, etc.  Items will be sent to an LCMS military Chaplain.

The 38th Biennial Convention of the LWML Iowa West District was held on June 28 – 30.  Zion’s delegates were Jeanie Hansen and Melissa Johnson.  Since Adair Zone was helping to hosting the convention, Pastor Davidson had morning devotions.  Marlene Schwab, Shirley Schramm, and Alice Davidson also attended.  There was 383 attending the convention.  Offerings received were Lutheran Family Service – $6112,  Lutheran Heritage Foundation – $5193.55, and Hong Kong Mission Trip – $4296.75.  Zones brought 164 pound packages which were sold for $2637 with $500 added to it from LCEF.  This money will go to mites.  424 bras were brought for Mission Servants Ingathering.  For Hope Ministries there was 2994 wash cloths, 1036 deodorants, and 1183 tubes of toothpaste;  475 McDonald’s gift cards for veterans.  At Zion we collected 34 wash cloths, 27 deodorants, 28 tubes of toothpaste, 16 pairs of socks, 1 bra, and 5 McDonald’s gift cards.  Thank you to Zion for giving to the mission!


August 1st, 2018|