Everyday that we get into a car and drive to work, school, church, the store, or anywhere else, we follow countless rules without even noticing. We respond, almost instinctively, to the “rules of the road.” We drive on the correct side of the road. We hit the brakes when we see a stop sign or red light. We are careful to go the right way on a one-way street. We merge when the sign tells us to merge. On a relatively short trip, a driver will make a hundred decisions based on the signs on the road and the rules they represent.

Following these simple driving instructions is not a recipe for ruining our trip or the joy of the open road. It is a way to make sure we stay alive! These rules protect us, direct us, and keep us (and others on the road) safe. Well, the same can be said of the rules that God sets before us in His Word.

As we read God’s Word, participate in group Bible discussions, and attend Divine Service, we grow in our understanding of His Law, are reminded of His Grace through Christ when we fail to keep His rules and are empowered to seek to live in a God-pleasing way. God’s Laws are intended to make our lives fuller and richer as we walk with Him. So with the new school year, let’s seek to be where the Holy Spirit is promised to empower us – in Word and Sacrament!


See you in Divine Service,