Rita Rohde

Zion’s newest member is Rita Rohde, sister of Carole Schuler. Rita attended Zion a number of years ago, before moving to Ida Grove. She was born in Lewis, where the family farmed south of town. Besides her younger sister Carole, she has an older brother David in Guttenberg. Following 2 years of country school, she attended school at Cumberland and Atlantic where she graduated in 1964. She married shortly after high school and they lived on a farm west of town, where Rita was a stay-at-home mom. Besides farm chores, she did a lot of canning and sewing. She has two children from this marriage: Mike, who lives in Corning, is single, and works as an electrician; and daughter Kyle who lives in Lenox with 5 children. Following her divorce, Rita lived in Atlantic for 13 years, working in several places in town. Growing up in the Methodist church, she joined Zion during these years.

Robert Rohde then entered the picture. Robert had a construction business and was working on the nursing home in Atlantic. He was looking for someone to play golf with and Rita turned out to be that person. They were married at Zion on April 6, 1995. Rita then moved to his home in Ida Grove. Here she did secretarial work, including working at H and R Block and keeping books for Robert’s business. For the last 5 years she did cooking at an assist living unit, working 12-hour shifts. She was active at St. Paul’s Lutheran, where she was church board secretary for 9 years and participated in the Dorcas quilting group. In addition, she was volunteer treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce and was on the Board for the bloodmobile in Ida Grove. Rita became a 20-gallon blood giver in December. Robert died of cancer in 2013. He had 3 children and 2 grandchildren, Sarah Rohde in Iowa City and Seth Rohde serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Rita moved back to Atlantic a couple of months ago. She belongs to the Joy Circle. She also plans to help with prayer shawls. She enjoys knitting and quilting. Rita’s favorite TV is sporting events. She is an Iowa Hawkeye fan—this gives Rita and Carole, a Cyclone fan, something to argue about. They recently attended the Mountain (her mother’s maiden name) reunion in Colorado, which they do annually. Their mother was one of 11 children. Rita knits Scratchers, used to clean bugs, etc. off windows. She enjoys the companionship of her dog, “Puppy.” We are happy to have Rita among us and ask God’s blessings on her life in Atlantic.