Pearl was born in the country near First Lutheran on September 12, 1925. She had one older brother, who is deceased. Her father farmed, and her mother was a housewife. She walked the two miles to country school; attending thru the 8th grade. Pearl then stayed home to help until the age of 16, when she went to work in Atlantic at the Conklin Bakery for a year. She later took a better paying job at Blue Star Produce, where they processed eggs and chickens. After her marriage to Kenny she worked at the News-Telegraph for 35 years. Among other things she worked with the addressograph.

Her husband ,Kenny, died on March 2, 2012. He was born. in Atlantic, weighing 2 pounds, on November 30, 1925. He had an older brother and 2 sisters. They lived on a farm 4 miles north of Griswold, where his father farmed and his mother was a housewife. He attended Lewis High School for one year and then worked on the farm until entering the army on Feb. 28, 1944. He served with a combat battalion in the European Theater. He was classified as a Demolition Specialist. He fought in the battle of the Bulge, the Battle of the Rhineland and the Battle of Central Europe. He received several medals. Following honorable discharge, Kenny returned home. He had to walk the last few miles after the bus let him off. Kenny then went to work at Blue Star Produce. He eventually went to work for the county for over 40 years. He began working outside, fixing and repairing roads. He eventually had an inside job as an Assistant Engineer where, among other things, he made maps. In retirement, Kenny & Pearl worked for a while at Akin Building Center.

Pearl and Kenny met at Blue Star Produce. One day when it was raining, he gave her a ride home and they began dating. They were married on Jan 1, 1947 in Hiawatha, Kansas, and went to a movie following the wedding. Pearl’s brother was married on the same day in Hiawatha. The trip to Kansas was their honeymoon. They lived outside of Griswold for a while with no indoor plumbing. His aunt than gave them 2 rooms where they lived in Atlantic. They eventually moved to their current home at 600 E. 3rd St.  A service man living there wanted a service person to buy it and they did.

Pearl and Kenny were faithful members of Zion over the years. They also enjoyed dancing, mostly at Minden. They were member of the Square Dance Club and Ball Room Dance Club. They also enjoyed collecting rocks and belonged to the Nishna Valley Rock Club. They had quite a collection, which they gave away. They did some traveling by car, including Rapid City, South Dakota, where her brother lived. Pearl, who didn’t learn to drive until she was 65, did most of the driving in the later years. She still drives and now attends a coffee group that goes to breakfast twice a week at the Downtowner. Pearl has 3 cousins left, all of whom live a distance away. Kenny’s nephew from Oakland comes weekly to help her with her mail ,etc. Westerns are her favorite TV programs. Most Sundays Pearl will be in her regular pew in the front of the church. We wish her God’s blessings in her future.