In 1517, a professor at a fairly new university in a fairly obscure town in Northern German sought to debate the church practice of selling “indulgences” because he thought this practice implied that the paying of money was the source of forgiven sins instead of trust in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. It’s doubtful that Martin Luther realized what he had started because within a year his “95 Theses” were recognized as a threat against the Pope and church authority; as a result, he was summoned to Rome to stand trial for heresy (false teaching against the Church).

The politics of the day intervened so that Luther wasn’t executed (as others “reformers” had been) and the resulting Reformation shaped much of Europe and Christianity. For us Lutherans, the focus is the emphasis on God’s Grace Alone as our only source of eternal salvation which we receive through Faith Alone in Christ crucified for our sins which God, the Holy Spirit, works as we learn this truth from Scripture Alone. It’s all about Jesus! We will especially be celebrating this trust in Christ the weekend of October 21 & 22 with Dr. Dean Wenthe. Please plan to attend!

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