How does one find the will of God? The best source is directly from God’s Word and then principles based on His Word. Advice from those who are spiritually mature is often very helpful. But at times, prayerfully asking God to open doors that He wishes us to enter is a wise option. For example, with the recent part-time call that I had to Atonement Lutheran in Omaha, it was very clear that I would need an additional source of income to be able to accept their divine call. So I prayerfully asked the Lord to open up such a source of income if I was to accept their call.

Then as I continued to pray, I prepared a resume (something I had never done before because our church body uses specific forms for information on pastors), searched and applied for some jobs online including chaplain positions at a couple of retirement homes, took an afternoon and dropped off the resume several places, completed an application for a Christian bookstore, phoned all 3 Circuit Visitors in the Omaha area asking about congregations who might be looking for a visitation pastor or part-time staff and then contacted those congregations. After several prayerful weeks of waiting, nothing was opening up. So I took that as God’s answer that at this time I was to continue to serve the divine call you issued me in 2005.

November holds our Adair Circuit’s first (as far as we know) circuit-wide Reformation Celebration, our Stewardship process “Embracing Great Commission Stewardship”, Thanksgiving Eve Service on November 21st with a Men’s Choir, perhaps the completion of our Access for All Construction, and “Hanging of the Greens” on November 25. Advent officially begins on December 2nd.

See you in Divine Service,