Wasn’t October a great month of Divine Services with LWML, Mission Festival and Joint Reformation Service honoring Pastor Rasmussen’s 25th Anniversary of Ordination?  November looks exciting also with All Saints Day, Thanksgiving Eve with a Men’s Choir again this year, the end of the Church Year, the First Sunday of Advent and our Stewardship emphasis:  Experiencing the joy of Generosity.

Experiencing the Joy of Generosity will be a three-week emphasis and an enriching time for our congregation.  Through the Holy Spirit, God continually reaches out to us and daily gives us His love, grace, and mercy.  Faithful stewardship is our faithful response of gratitude for God’s generosity to us.

The three weekly themes for Experiencing the Joy of Generosity are as follows:

Week one:      “The Joy in Receiving God’s Blessings” October 31 & November 1

Week two:      “The Joy in Managing God’s Blessings” November 7 & 8

Week three:    “The Joy in Sharing God’s Blessings” November 14 & 15

During these three weeks, our worship services, sermons, and Sunday Bible study will focus on these themes, which consider our Joy and Generosity in Christ.  May God continue to bless us as we faithfully live our live our lives as good stewards of all the blessing which he has entrusted to us.”

See you in Divine Service,