• Chairman-  Allen Fann
  • Vice Chairman-  _______________
  • Christian Nurture- _______________
  • Elders-  Merle Elsberry, Rob Tarrell, Bob Sharp, and Eddie Jensen (serving 1 term replacing Bruce Kreutzer who moved)
  • Endowment-  Connie Wiechmann, Fred Klute, Royal Bierbaum
  • Outreach-  Jeff Johnson
  • Worship-   Jodi Christoffersen
  • Preschool Board-  Denise Sharp

We thank those who have served and those willing to serve.  Installation of these new officers was held on Sunday, June 26.

We are in need of a Vice Chairman (1 term because Allen Fann became our Chairman) and someone or a group to cover our Christian Nurture position.  Our lack in this area has been limiting our Bible Studies, youth ministries, Sunday School, Weekday and several other key ministries of our congregation!