Mike and Tracy live on a farm 2 miles south of Lewis, Ia.  Tracy was born in the Atlantic Hospital and raised south of Griswold, Ia, the oldest of 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys.  Her father was a rural mail carrier.  Her mother was a housewife and worked, and still does today, at Creighton University Retreat Center.  Tracy graduated from Griswold High School, and then from NW Missouri State with a Degree in Teaching.  She has worked for REM and also done a lot of substitute teaching.  She, along with her mom, works as a cook at the Retreat Center.  Mike was born in Burlington, the youngest of 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl.  His father was a clinical veterinarian and moved around some.  Most of Mike’s childhood was spent in Pleasant Hill, east of Des Moines.  He graduated from Glenwood High School.  He was unsuccessful in joining the marines and ended up in Lewis, where his father was raised.  While still in high school, a friend asked him to come and farm the 800 acre family farm.  Mike knew little about farming, outside of walking beans.  For 30 years now Mike has farmed, including raising about 10,000 hogs a year.  The whole family helps with the farm operation.

One of Tracy’s sisters is Dr. Weppler and she and her boyfriend at the time set up a blind date for Tracy and Mike.  They went to the Atlantic putt-putt golf course and ate at the Pines.  One thing led to another, and after dating about a year, Mike proposed by the pond in Maryville, where Tracy was in school.  They were married in the Lewis Methodist Church on April 11, 1992.  It was a warm day and Mike almost fainted from the heat.  They honeymooned in Des Moines.  Tracy was raised Catholic and Mike had attended the Methodist church.  Mike likes to study and talk about the Scriptures.  They began looking for a church that they felt taught more closely to the Bible.  Tom and Betty Pope were good friends and steered them toward Zion, where they took instructions with Pastor Davidson and joined about 9 years ago.  Mike has served as an Elder and they have helped with the kid’s involvement at church.

Their children include Casey, the oldest, who will soon be 24 and lives south of Lewis.  After earning an Associate Degree in Ag Business and Electronics from Iowa Western, he went to work full time at Lindeman Tractor.  He also farms 100 acres of row crop on the side.  Their second child is Jessica, who just graduated from Griswold High School, where she was president of her Senior class and Student Council, as well as participating in jazz band, basketball, volleyball and track.  She was a member of the National Honor Society and will attend NW Missouri State this fall.  Jessica was also president of her local FCCLA club and 4-H club.  She was vice president of her FFA club.  Kayla, the youngest, will be a sophomore this coming year.  An avid reader, she also participates in FCCLA, FFA and the Jr. Optimist Club.  She is currently working at the Cutting Board in Griswold.  She will join the SW Iowa Marching Band on a trip to San Diego in December.  She plays the clarinet.

The Marshalls have done some traveling in the United States, a lot of it in connection with the Farm Bureau, where they served on the Young Farmers Committee.  In 1992 Mike received the Iowa District Young Farmers Award.  They also received the FFA Friends of Agriculture Award from the Griswold chapter.  Tracy likes to cook and read novels.  Mike enjoys woodworking and they have helped the kids with 4-H projects.  On TV they enjoy NCIS.  Animal-wise, they have 4 dogs, 2 inside and 2 outside.  May God bless the Marshalls in their active, busy lives.