As we conclude the Easter Season let’s remember the “Memorial Acclamation” which has been sighted as “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.” But “We proclaim your death, O Lord, and profess your Resurrection until you come again.” comes closer to the original Latin. The main thing is rejoicing that Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, has ascended into heaven, and will return for us (eventually for both our body as well as our soul). That’s what our Christian true hope and true comfort is based upon — Jesus our Savior!

Often lost in the business of the spring, graduation, Mother’s Day, switching to summer focus of this time of year is Christ’s Ascension into heaven where He now intercedes for us who have been called to faith in Him by the Holy Spirit. This Ascension Church Holiday is celebrated 40 days after Easter so it always falls on a Thursday — May 10th for 2018. Our Adair Circuit will celebrate Ascension on May 10th with a Joint Worship Service at Immanuel Lutheran, Adair, with Holy Communion and First Wiota’s new Pastor Mike Bodkins preaching.

Also an important focus (especially with Memorial Day) that gets lost in the rush to “summer time” is remembering those who serve and have served our country in the Armed Forces. Their sacrifices and service keep us physically safe and free just as Christ’s once and for all sacrifice on the cross gives us freedom from being condemned by our sins. Be sure to thank our veterans as well as rejoice in our Lord Jesus.

Closing thought: Christ doesn’t take a vacation from being our Savior so let’s not take a vacation from thanking and praising Him even when we’re “out of town” for a bit of time.

See you in Divine Service,