“The grass withers, the flower fades” (Isaiah 40:7). Eventually it will… but NOT now! Indeed, the grass is green and lush, enjoying its first burst of springtime growth. While this life has difficulties and trials, how else can we react to spring than to “Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving… He prepares rain for the earth; He makes grass grow on the hills” (Psalm 147:7a,8).

And speaking of giving thanks, I give thanks for all of you, the members of Zion Lutheran. What a joy it is to serve as your pastor and to share ministry with you. Many of you know (because of a newsletter insert that I didn’t know about) that Friday, April 17th, was the 10th anniversary of my installation as your pastor. When Randy Christoffersen called Alice and I to the front of the church after the early service on Easter Morning, both of us were very, very surprised. Thank you so much from the bottoms of our hearts. We’re not yet certain when we will take this weekend away which you have provided us. We might travel to Scottsbluff and Cheyenne to see old friends the weekend of June 13th & 14th. We had already planned to go to South Dakota for Friday, May 15th, when our neice Rachel Rentschler graduates from high school in Sioux Falls.

Again, thank you for this gift of a getaway; what a wonderful surprise. My family and I have been very blessed to serve you here at Zion in Atlantic. I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do together with us.

Oh, and one thing that a member asked me to do, remember to turn your cell phones off or to vibrate when you’re in Divine Service. Thank you!

See you in Divine Service.

Pastor Davidson