After the February View was sent out, I received a call document in the mail from Emanuel Lutheran of Dudleytown,
Indiana. February 2 & 3, I read a letter in our Divine Service acknowledging this new divine call and that I would
have to deliberate between it and the divine call you extended to me 14 years ago. The following is the letter I read at
our Divine Services February 23 & 24:

After prayerful deliberation, I have been moved by the Holy Spirit to accept the divine call extended to me by your sister congregation,
Emanuel Lutheran of Dudleytown, Indiana
, to serve as her pastor .. ,. This has been a difficult letter to write,

Every divine call that I have accepted has had what Ive referred to as a pull and a push. Together here at Zion for 14 years we have
worked to share God
s Word, our handicap addition is mostly completed, our capital campaign continues successfully, and Ive begun to
wonder if this isn
t a good time for Zion to reassess her situation and allow the Holy Spirit to help determine the best direction forward.

Your sister congregation, Emanuel Dudleytown, rural Seymour, IN, has been vacant for about 18 months, Her previous Pastor had some
difficulty getting along with several members and the Pastors of the two circuits in that area. I
ve gotten the feeling that my skill set
matches well Emanuel
s needs and that this would be a ministry with a lot of visitation of members in their homes (something Ive greatly
desired to do more of here with y
ou at Zion),

Last Monday night [Feb, 18], the Elders and Chairs of our congregation visited with me about the transition if the Holy Spirit moved me to
accept the call from Emanuel. I will continue to serve as your Pastor through Easter which is April
21, My last weekend of leading Divine
Services as your Pa
stor will be April 27 and 28, I will continue to be a brother and friend in Christ and pray regularly for you. I trust our
Iowa District West President
, Steve Turner, our Adair Circuit Visitor, Steve Wichtendahl, our congregational leaders and whoever is your
Vacancy Pa
stor will continue to serve you until the Holy Spirit sends you your next Pastor. May our Lord bless your ministry together.

See you in Divine Service,