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Little Lambs/Kids Come First News October 2019

Kids Come First and Little Lambs Preschool has had a wonderful September! We have been doing so many fun activities. The favorite part of the kids’ days has to be art/craft time! They all love making different things to display for their parents and friends. We are very excited for the cooler weather October will bring!

Splatter painting the outlines of their bodies onto paper. Our work is now  hanging in the hallway to add to our other decorations.

Painting with puffy sidewalk chalk


4 year old preschool children tumbling at Dance Atlantic.


We will be starting a fundraiser October 14th. Packets can be accessed in Beka’s office, or you can always come ask one of our Kiddos if you want to to help support the daycare and preschool. Proceeds will be used to repaint our class room walls.




October 2nd, 2019|


May 6th was the last day for the three year old preschoolers. They had so much fun making Cookie Monster plates for their mothers! On May 20th, the four year old preschoolers graduated! They had so much fun singing songs and walking to get their diplomas. Mrs. McKee even surprised them with a cake with their faces on it! Talk about some happy four year olds! One of the four year olds was sick on graduation day. Mrs. McKee was able to save his piece of cake and give him his diploma another day!


May 30th, 2019|

News From Little Lambs April 2019

Our school year is almost to a close.  The four year olds have been focusing on spelling their names.  They’ve also been learning about building things.  They have also been focusing on the letters G, F, N, and P.  In April, they will go swimming one last time.  We will go on a field trip to the Atlantic Public Library in April as well.

The three year olds have been reviewing colors and shapes.  We’ve also been working on counting.  Some of our three year olds can get up to 15. We have been learning about spring and what we see during spring.  For St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns came and visited our Preschooler’s bathroom, went potty in our toilets, and left boot prints. Soon we will start focusing on Easter.  If any church members would like to volunteer, they would be more than welcome to visit our classroom.

On April 14th, Little Lambs Preschool is having an open house from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm.  Anyone who wants to come is welcome to come.  The open house is in celebration of Little Lambs Preschool’s 40th Anniversary.


April 1st, 2019|



Three-Year-Old – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 – 11 :30
Four-Year-Old – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00 – 3:30

We are excited that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary of Little Lambs. We are thinking of ways in which we can celebrate this milestone. If you have any ideas or suggestions, will you please let us know what they are.

The three year old class has been working on writing their names and learning the letters of their names. They have also been working on cutting skills, and how to hold their crayon the proper way, and most importantly social skills.

The four-year-old class has been working on rhyming words, writing their first and last name and being able to spell their names. We are so excited to see the progress that both classes have done.

This month we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with doing crafts, reading books, and making some different types of snacks. You are welcome to come and read a book with one of our preschoolers or the children in Kids Come First.

February 28th, 2019|



Three Year Olds – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 – 11:30

Four Year Olds – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00 – 3:30

The three year old preschoolers have been working on shapes, their cutting skills and recognizing their names.   Some of our preschoolers have learned how to write their name.  It is so exciting to see when a young child has learned something new or a new skill.

We are so excited that we have three new friends that has joined our class: Landon, Aurora and Theo.

The four year old class has been working on letters, numbers and shapes.  We are also continuing to work on social skills.

There is also a new student in the four year old preschool, we welcome Emmalin to our class. We are all very anxious for warmer weather for us to be able to go outside to play.



January 28th, 2019|