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              The three-year-old preschool class has been continuing to learn their colors as well as our social skills of learning to share and have fun with their friends.  They have been trying to cook at least once a week. They have made cookies, fruit smoothies, and vegetable rollups.  They are looking forward to having a Halloween party where they get to wear their costumes and play some games.

The four year old preschool class has been working on their letters, learning to do patterns and recognizing their names. We have enjoyed having Julie come from the library to share some books with us and Lora from the conservation office come to visit with us about nature.   They also are looking forward to having a Halloween party and wear their costumes.

Both classes were able to go to the Fire station and ride the fire truck.  The fire fighters shared cookies with them, showed them a video and talked about fire safety, and what they should do in case of a fire and fire prevention.  They also enjoyed having their Dads or a friend come to visit that day and do some fun activities.