Little Lambs Preschool

811 Oak St.  712-243-4421

Both the three and four-year-old preschool classes have been in session for a month. It is fun to see the new faces in our classes as well as some that came last year. Some of the things that they have been working on are: the color blue, recognizing their names, learning to play with each other, and do many craft projects. We have heard a lot of singing and reading of books coming from the classrooms. Thank you to our teachers for the great job that they are doing.

In the month of October we will be learning about fire safety. Both classes will be able to get a ride on the fire truck. This is also a day when we invite our dad’s to come and join us.

The preschoolers will also be having a Halloween Party on October 30th and the 31st. The kids will be able to wear their costumes, play some games and do some Halloween activities.