Matthew 5:16

During the Advent and Christmas season, our church windows will be lit with new oil candles.
Through the Memorial Fund., members have donated the candles to enhance our worship.

We thank the following for their gifts to Zion.

Ed & Lois Figgins In memory of David Figgins

Allen & Marianne Fann In memory of their parents

Gloria & Pat Hansen In memory of Herbert W.Hansen

The Nelson Family In memory of Sally Nelson

Sharon Sandhorst In memory of Roger Sandhorst

Ethel & Traci Schlueter, & Jo James In memory of loved ones

Ron & Lavone Weirich In memory of Gloria Weirich & Dustin Weirich

Gary & Connie Wiechmann In memory of Earl &Asta Wiechmann

Mary Zellmer In memory of Stan Zellmer