Starts on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 7:00 pm

Ash Wednesday: Nicodemus: Doubted, then Believed. John 3: 1-21, 19: 39

When we look at the Passion of our Lord, we find numerous characters that are hostile to the Word in the flesh and others that are friendly. All of these reactions to Jesus of Nazareth leave historical footprints that this man, Jesus, not just a man or even a superman, but none other than the Son of God. As we hear and see the witness of their lives, they lead us back to the cross and the person crucified there. The cross and the empty tomb spoke to them and continues to speak to us. Here is the evidence of the lives touched by the Word. We hear and see the evidence. May the Holy spirit who works faith daily through the Word strengthen us in the sure knowledge of faith to believe and confess, with the centurion at the cross, that Jesus of Nazareth truly is the Son of God,