1. 2/10/16 Ash Wednesday: Seasons of Needing Forgiveness, Fifth Petition
  2. 2/17/16 Lenten Midweek 2: Seasons of Lifting Up the Lord, First Petition
  3. 2/24/16 Lenten Midweek 3: Seasons of Wondering Who’s in Control, Second Petition
  4. 3/2/16 Lenten Midweek 4: Seasons of Seeking God’s Will, Third Petition
  5. 3/9/16 Lenten Midweek 5: Seasons of Thanks for Simple Things, Fourth Petition
  6. 3/16/16 Lenten Midweek 6: Seasons for Standing Up to Evil, Sixth and Seventh Petitions

Based on a Concordia Pulpit Resource Series by Rev. Steven H. Albers, Kirkwood, Missouri