Kids Come First


Open from 5:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

             The hallways and classroom are a lot quieter during the day as the older kids have returned back to school.  Things are still busy in the early mornings with making and serving breakfast before the kids get on the bus.  We have been serving breakfast to an average of six kids in the mornings.  After school we are up there to make sure all the kids get on the bus to come back down to Kids Come First.  We take the bus after school so that we only need one staff person to go and get them, with walking the kids we would have to have two staff people.  On average we have fifteen kids that come back to Kids Come First.

After school we are busy having a snack and then it is time to get homework done.  Once that is done then it is time to have some fun.  We do crafts, play games or go outside to play on the grassy areas.  We are anxiously waiting for our playground to get done.  We are waiting for the cement to get poured for the tricycle track.  Once that is done we will be able to put down our rubber mulch and then put all of the equipment back in.

During the day we have four to five children that are here all day.  We play games, do some crafts, learn to play together, read books and just have some fun.  We serve them a morning snack but kids bring their own lunches with them.

We also have openings for Kids Come First.  We take children from three years of age up to twelve.


Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” — Mr. Rogers