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The Kids are excited for summer to start and not to be in school.

We are planning many activities for them to do to keep them busy but to also have some fun.   Some of the things that we are planning are to walk to the library each week, go swimming, go to the splash pad, walk to Schuler to play on the playground as well as doing activities, crafts and play games.

We will walk to Schuler each day to take advantage of the free lunch program that is put on by the school.  We will also be going to the library for some of the activities that they will be having.

Playground Update:  We are waiting for the cement to be poured for our tricycle track.  When that is done we will be able to put down the landscaping paper and the rubber mulch.  We are able to do this project through grants that we have received, donations from the rotary club and Delta Zeta.  We are looking forward to having it finished.

Conversations at breakfast can become very interesting.  One child started out about God and how old he is.  From there we had a conversation about what God does for us and how he is with us all the time.  It also was talked about how God made us.  One little girl talked about God being married.  We talked that God was not married but created man from dust.  It is great to know that we do have an impact on these little lives.