Kids Come First  (712-243-7797) Open from 5:30 – 6:00 p.m.

I want to thank my staff for the great job that they did when they took the kids to the splash pad on Friday, June 29th.  That was the day that the storm came up when no one was expecting it to.  The kids and staff had been at the splash pad for an hour when the storm hit.  They were able to get to the bus safely but then when the sirens went off went to the bathrooms there at the splash pad.  The driver of the SWITA bus called the court house in Walnut to find a safe spot for our staff and kids to go to.  They went to the school and hung out there until the storm was over.  They did an awesome job in keeping our kids safe and calm.  Our trainings do come in handy when needed.

The children also attended Vacation Bible School the week of July 9th form 9:00 to 11:30am

The kids enjoy doing arts and crafts.  In the first picture Aaliyah is painting with the kids and in the second picture, Liz is doing a science experiment.  We also made witness bracelets for Ellie Menz and tied bandages using white sheets.  If anyone has white flat sheets that they no longer need we will take them.  We cut and tear them into three to four inch strips and then roll them up.                                                Director, Alice Davidson