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Kids Come First has had a very busy summer so far.  On days when it is not raining we enjoy being outside.  We are very anxious for the playground to get done.  We are waiting for the cement to get poured for the tricycle track.  After that is done we will be putting down landscaping paper and then rubber mulch.

We have gone to Sunny Side Pool to go swimming and on Thursday, June 28th, we are going to the splash pad in Walnut.  We look forward to those times when we can play in the water.  There are also some days when we are able to play in the sprinkler and do a slip and slide here at Kid’s Come First.


    Miss Aaliyah has been having fun doing face painting with us.  She has been very creative doing our faces.  This picture is of Lynsie having a tiger painted on her face.


     We have been walking to Schuler each day for the free lunch program.  We have not had too many days when we are not able to walk and need to have lunch down at Kids Come First.  Thank you Mrs. Alice for providing lunches on those days.


Cross Roads (Formally Cass Incorporated) has been doing our grocery shopping for us each week.  They enjoy coming down and seeing the kids.  After they are done with grocery shopping they have read to the kids.  Thank you Cross Roads for doing this.