You shall have no other gods! What does this mean? You shall love, fear and trust in God above all things.


Tear down the statues that offend! Don’t take away our abortion rights! My truth is just as good as your truth! Skullduggery in politics!

I have a couple of hours of windshield time every day that I come to Zion and to make use of the time, I listen to the news. I have found it very disheartening. I am reminded of the first commandment when I get discouraged by the news. It appears many have forgotten or failed to recognize the great gift that God has given us in this commandment.

When you ask someone, who complains about their plight in life, you will find that someone or something has deprived them of their god. In our weak condition, people often rely on themselves, what they do, how they behave or what they have, to be a substitute for reliance on God. In fact, some will make a god out of themselves. It only is right the they can help God with the troubles in this world. After all they have science or philosophy on their side or pundits that have the same ideology that they have. So, how could they be wrong?

My prayer for you is to be reminded often by the Spirit that God is the Potter and we are the clay. God has given us a great gift in the commandments. I fail to see how anyone can object to the Second Table of the Law. Think about how society would improve if we would follow what God has set out as the perfect society. No one would murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness (perhaps the politicians could benefit), covet their neighbor’s belongings or personal relationships. It surprises me that those who claim they are doing what is best for society have not latched onto this gift from God.

Brothers and sisters, you have a powerful gift to follow and to live by, but, even more you have a Savior who will guard and protect you along your faith filled journey. And better yet, One who will lift you up and forgive you fully when you trip along the way. Join us in worship, in the Word and at the Lord’s table as we “Glorify God, Serve Others, and Imitate our Savior!”

Have a joyful and fruit filled journey,

Pastor Daryl Tompkins