On Thursday, May 17, people from area LCMS congregations were invited to St. John, Casey, to discuss how we might work together to maintain our congregations while continuing to grow disciples for our Lord in this area of Iowa. We had 46 people gathered for a very positive meeting which included our Iowa District West President Steve Turner who was there to listen. Some sorrow was expressed over St. John, Adair, having to close; the difficult decisions that Immanuel, Adair is facing, and some other congregations’ concerns as well as some joys in area ministries. While some ideas and suggestions were shared, it was decided to pray and think over the issues posed on the meeting agenda (see page 6 for a copy) and then meet back together.

We will met again on Thursday, July 19, (this meeting is more aimed for pastors and elders although others are welcome) and Thursday, August 23, (when we would hope to have  an even  larger group than the May meeting). Both meeting will be at St. John, Casey, at 7:00 p.m. A couple of key points is that it isn’t just about numbers but also about disciples of Jesus maturing through Word and Sacrament ministry and each congregation needs to look beyond her parish borders and concerns toward helping all the Kingdom of our Lord. Please keep this process in your prayers and any thoughts, suggestions or ideas can be passed on to me. May our Lord bless us all as we work in His Kingdom.

See you in Church,