PLEASE NOTE: We have been invited to Holy Cross’ 9:00 a.m. Lake Anita Divine Service on Sunday, June 14th, at Shelter #4. After much discussion, it was decided for Zion NOT to have our regular 9:15 a.m. Sunday Divine Service on June 14thSo on Saturday, June 13th, you can attend our 5:30 p.m. Divine Service at Zion (Pastor Hodges will be leading it as this was the first weekend that would work for Alice and I to take our “Weekend Away” that you gave us on Easter Sunday) or you can join the other Zion, First Wiota and Holy Cross Anita members at 9:00 a.m. at Shelter #4 on Sunday, June 14th.

A big thank you to those who helped with the “Absentee Ballot” mailing; the minutes from our May 17th special Voters Meeting are in this newsletter on page 6. While Plan A had the most votes, it was decided to get a more detailed cost estimate for both plans. Discussing this more at the May Elders and Governing Board meetings, it looks like we will be contacting a General Contractor or Engineer to get a better picture of the cost. Also, most likely we will have a Capital Fund Campaign to have some of the funds up front before we would begin any building. [I am wording it this way because we are  “feeling” our way through this, and trying to build as much consensus as we can in our congregation for whatever we end up doing, and until the Voters pass a resolution I cannot definitively say what we will or will not do.]

If you read through the minutes of the special Voters meeting, you will note that 14 voted for us not to make any changes to our church building at this time. Some have shared with us their reason(s) for feeling this way. Thank you for trusting us with your thoughts and feelings; we are seeking to address as many of those thoughts as we can as we seek to build consensus for whatever we end up doing or not doing. I encourage everyone to be praying that we are led to a God pleasing decisions that will help our congregation grow disciples for our Lord Jesus.

See you in Divine Service.

– Pastor Davidson