Joyce, the oldest of 5 children, was born in Audubon on January 8, 1950. Her parents farmed near St. John’s Lutheran, rural Adair. One of her sisters is Janet Klute. She attended school in Exira, where she enjoyed science classes and sang in the Chorus. Upon graduation she attended the University of Iowa, working toward a BSN Degree. Joyce was able to work part time while attending school. Upon graduation she worked at Clarkson in Omaha in the Renal Dialysis unit. This offered her the opportunity to earn Credit toward her school loan. She was married in 1972 and soon after moved to Kansas City. Here she worked at the Bethany Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, in Intensive Care. While here they hosted foreign exchange students from Finland, Ecuador and Italy. They later moved to Rolla, Mo. Here they ran a campground and canoe rental business. Joyce also continued with her nursing, first at the Rolla Hospital in Intensive Care and later at The University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. She worked three 12 hour shifts a week and rented a boarding room where she stayed thru these days. When their business did not prosper, Joyce moved to Columbia, Missouri where she lived for 18 years. She began working full time at the hospital. Throughout her career as a registered nurse in Columbia she worked in Intensive Care, Surgical, and the Burn units.

After 25 years of marriage Joyce was divorced. She continued to work full time in Columbia. Where she was active in the Lutheran Church, including playing hand bells. Her other activities included crocheting, and doing prayer shawls, doing a lot of reading. She also enjoyed canoeing and bowling. After suffering a fall in 2003, Joyce, thru different  tests that were done, was diagnosed with Huntington’s  Chorea disease. Although there is no cure for Huntington’s, they have identified the defective gene. Joyce takes medication to control the Chorea movement part of the disease and has done very well on it.

In 2005 Joyce moved to Heritage House in Atlantic. She resided in independent living until Feb. 1, 2018, at which time she moved to Harmony Cove in the nursing area. Her current roommate is Mary Chase, another member of Zion. Joyce participates in exercises, bingo, vespers, and bus rides. She is a member of the Joy Circle at Zion. Recently she attended her 50th High School reunion in Brayton. One of her classmates is another Zion member, Pat Hansen.

Over the years Joyce has been able to do some traveling. She has been to Anaheim, Las Vegas and New York City. In New York she was able to hear her sister, Kathy, and brother-in-law Chuck Cumming, sing in Carnegie Hall. We wish Joyce God’s blessings as she spends her days at the Heritage House. She is located in Harmony Cove room C14. and enjoys visitors.