Jeanie was born on January 31, 1948 near Casey, and was adopted at 3 days old.  Her adoptive parents were Jim and Irma Willey, who farmed east of Exira. She had 3 half-brothers and 4 half-sisters.  She attended country school until 1960. In her Jr. year they moved to Audubon, where she graduated in 1966.   Jeanie worked at various jobs over the years, including Double J Beauty Shop where she was a cosmetologist for 3 years—Bartender at Elks Club and Country Club—Preferred Risk Insurance Company —and Good Samaritan in Fontanelle, where she helped with laundry and activities.

She was married out of High School for a year, before divorcing.  During that time her oldest child, Bryan, was born.  She remained single until Bryan was 10, at which time she married Elwood Hansen on June 19, 1978. Elwood adopted Bryan in 1979.  Elwood and Jeanie had attended school together.  Elwood farmed with his dad in Brayton until 1983, at which time he went back to driving a truck, which he did until 2005.  They lived in Casey until August, 2007 when they moved to Atlantic.  Elwood has several health problems, beginning with brain surgery when he was 15.  He eventually had back surgery.  Elwood died on January 15, 2015.   They had 2 children, Becky, who is married to Mike Dreager, who farms and does custom work.  Becky works for 21st Century Co-op.  They have 2 boys and a girl.  Also Brenda, who is married to Brad Gettler.  He works for West Central Fabrications.  They have a girl and a boy.   Bryan’s only child, Elizabeth, graduated in May 2010 and was killed in a car accident August 17, 2010.  He is engaged to Lisa Nelson Lehman, and they will be married on May 18, 2019.   Jeanie’s first great grandchild will be coming the first part of December. The parents  are Clint Hansen and Calley Klindt.

Jeanie has been very active in the church, joining the Lutheran Church when she married Elwood.   At Zion she is currently Outreach chairman.  She has been LWML President and works on prayer shawls. They have made 500 shawls since 2010   She also participates in Operation Barnabus, where she serves on the District Task Force.  She was a delegate this year to both our District convention and the LWML District Convention.   She is also on the Foundation Board for Camp Okoboji.   Having recently bought a new sewing machine, she hopes to make use of it.   She also crochets.  When possible she enjoys attending the races at Corning.  Jeanie has a lot of involvement with her family, which she really enjoys.    She seldom misses the July 4 celebration in Exira. Among her memories is the flood of 1958.

We wish her God’s continued blessing in her years ahead.