Members of Zion:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Birthday’s are a wonderful time to thank God for calling us into His Family. It is a time to thank Him for all his blessings to us and by the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit began His work in us through God’s Word and in Holy Baptism.  In Baptism God calls us into His family and an heir of all His Blessings. Our Birthday/Baptism Thankoffering will be used to support the work of our missionaries, Rev. David & Lois Mahsman in Germany, and Rev. Carol & Chen His Li Hanson in serving in the Asia Pacific Region. Your support for the Birthday/Baptism Thankoffering is essential.  Pray that God will bless the   outreach of the Gospel throughout the World.  2016 Outreach Committee will start putting once a month the special Birthday/Baptism Thankoffering envelopes in the pews.  Please put your envelope in the offering plate if you have had a Birthday or Baptism. Check your “View from the Peak” for monthly birthdays. No mailing for this has been planned.

God’s blessings Always!

Pastor Davidson & Outreach Committee