3-year-old M,T,Th,F  from 9:00 -11:30

4-year-old M,W,F from 12:00 – 3:30

The three-year-old class has been working on writing their names, recognizing letters of their name, cutting skills and social skills.  In January, Lora Kanning,  the conservationist, came and read the story “The Mitten” and talked about animals that we see outside and those that hibernate.  Grandma Sharon also came to visit and told a story to the preschoolers of God’s love.  We thank both of them for coming each month.

The four-year-old class has been learning about the color purple and rectangles.  In January they went to the YMCA to go swimming and will go again in February.  They are working on writing their names and letters of the alphabet.  In February we will be having Mom’s Day along with a Valentine’s Day party.  The four-year-old class will also be going to Salute Gymnastics this month.