The preschoolers had a great time on February 13th and 14th not only with having a Valentine’s Day party but their mom’s came to join them for the day. We had several activities for them to do along with decorating a valentine box, making cinnamon rolls, and playing with their moms.

The preschoolers have started a study of clothes. We have started by looking at the clothes that we wear and how everyone is wearing something different. We are going to learn how to make soap and find out what kind of soap makes the most bubbles, liquid soap or powdered soap. We will also be looking at how clothes are made and different materials that clothes are made from. Another part of our study will be looking at how people from different countries or professions wear different kinds of clothes. If you have anything from another country or something that is different and would like to share with the preschoolers please let us know.

Little Lambs and Kid’s Come First enjoyed the nice weather that we had in February. We took advantage of it and played outside as much as we could.

We are enjoying the new awning over the Preschool/Daycare outside door that was donated by Kelly and Carol Schlake (Thank You!). Also, we are anxiously waiting to have the washer and dryer installed soon. This will help so the staff will not have to take the laundry home but be able to do it during the time that we are there. Remember that we are saving Campbell Soup Labels for Education.