The Lord’s Prayer… We pray it every time we gather for worship. Children have learned it at an early age. It’s prayed at the bedside of the ill and the dying…. And what a joy as I’ve heard someone who, at that last stage of life, seemingly can remember nothing else but is still able to recall and recite with me the Lord’s Prayer.

If the last time you prayed the Lord’s Prayer was at worship, then I would also like to encourage you to join me in praying it when you’re all alone or, if the context calls, with someone else but in an intimate sort of way—at least three times per day through this coming season of Lent, as a discipline, if you will, a ritual to help us grow in our faith and trust in the Lord.

Throughout the weeks of Lent, my hope and prayer is that this prayer taught us by our Lord will envelop your life and your lifestyle and will be an antidote and a blessing for your pain and your guilt and your humility and your arrogance and your need and your relationships and… well, will envelop you as you recall the grace of Jesus. For, you see, the Lord’s Prayer is “A Prayer for All Seasons,” no matter in what season of life you find yourself.

Each successive week at the Lenten mid-week Services, we’ll be focusing on and praying one petition at a time and reflecting on Luther’s wonderfully insightful explanation for that petition. Please join us each Wednesday starting February 10 for “The Lord’s Prayer: A Prayer for All Seasons.”


See you in Divine Service,