The Easter Lilies that adorn the church this Easter have been given by the following people:

Lorene Aldag: given in memory of Karl.

Randy & Jodie Christoffersen: given in thankfulness of all God’s Blessings.

Allen & Marianne Fann: for our health .

Varel & Shirley Holiday: thankful for all Blessings.

Keith & Diane Lauer: given in thankfulness for another year.

Ethel Schlueter: in thankfulness for God’s Blessings

Lonn & Sandy Schlueter: for all of God’s Blessings.

Traci Schlueter: given in memory of her sister, Lisa.

Merlyn & Shirley Schramm: given in thankfulness for God’s Blessings.

Jim Syvertsen: given in thankfulness for life.

Dan Perkins given in thankfulness for all of God’s Blessings

Bob & Denise Sharp: for our many Blessings!

Chuck & Jackie Sievers: for our blessings

Melissa Johnson: for my many blessings

Randy & Kenner Baxter: for all of God’s Blessings

Pastor and Janet Hodges: Our many blessings