The November-December season can be very busy and difficult especially for those hosting festivities or grieving a loss. Last year I received a postcard from our church-body’s health care service encouraging “Take Care of Yourself So You Can Give More.” I’ve adapted the suggestions below:


Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

Count your blessings. Rather than getting wrapped up in commercial aspects of the holidays, celebrate the blessings of family, but more importantly, celebrate the undeserved gift of forgiveness, life, and salvation through the birth of Jesus.

Indulge in fun instead of food. Food is often the main attraction of holiday get-togethers—and typically it’s not the healthy kind. Consider adding activities to shift the focus of your holiday festivities (playing a team sport, ice skating, dancing, Christmas caroling, walking after your meal, etc.).

Don’t stress over where to go. Deciding who to spend the holidays with can be hard, especially for those with extended family geographically dispersed, newlyweds, or new parents. Choose what makes you happy.

Remember, you’re not alone. Look for health resources especially on the internet or from Lutheran Family Services. Our church family is always ready with prayer, so contact the church office for special needs.

I’ll add one thought, always remember that Jesus is the reason for the season; indeed, He is the reason for every season of our lives!

See you in Divine Service,