’Tis the season… in our everyday culture: Thanksgiving

[equals] family & big meal; Christmas [equals] family & big meal & going in debt buying items that the receiver will enjoy but probably wouldn’t spend that much money on him/herself…. THE PROBLEM: depending on “your season in life” (young children, lost a loved one, employed, etc.), this message of our culture can bring great delight or be like salt rubbed in an open wound.

But what about God’s message?… We just finished our “The Joy of Generosity” stewardship emphasis which stressed we have joy (even in sorrow) because God has gifted us with life and a “new life” in Jesus Christ. God so loved us!!!… so we have JOY as we respond to God’s love by focusing on Jesus, Others and only then Yourself. We can have an attitude of gratitude even in trials because God loves us, and we can celebrate the remembrance of Christ’s First-Coming at Bethlehem (and look forward to His Second-Coming when we will fully inherit heaven) even in sorrow because it means “Immanuel” or “With us, God [is]”.

By the way, if you haven’t yet turned in your Orange “The Joy of Generosity” Commitment Sheet, please get one and turn it into the church office before December 31 (it will really help us at Zion to plan responsibly for 2016). Thank you.

Alice and I are hosting an open house at the parsonage on Sunday, December 6th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Plan to come.

Also, we have several Divine Service options for December, so….

See you in Divine Service,