Tracy Jacob has agreed to be chairperson for Christian Nurture Committee.  Tracy is in need of committee members to help with the different areas of Christian Nurture.  Let her or the office know if you are willing to assist.

At present Tracy is working with Weekday at Zion. We have 3 classes with 12 students.  Pastor Davidson, Barb Barrick, and Sharon Mathias are teaching.  Parents are serving a lunch for some of the youth who come to the church from other activities and have no time for a meal before classes.   If you would like to help the parents one Wednesday, let the church office know.

We had no one express interest in attending the Junior High Youth Gathering on Oct. 24 – 25.  The Senior High Youth Gathering (9th – 12th) will be on November 20-22 at the Embassy Suites in Des Moines.  Christian Nurture has money set aside to pay the expenses of those who attend.

Shirley Schramm is helping with the Sunday School program.  We have three classes for students from preschool through eighth grade.  Randy Baxter, Denise Sharp, and Rob Ullerich are sharing the teaching duties for the fourth – eighth grades class; Janice Dickerson and Shirley Schramm are in need of another person to help with teaching duties for first – fourth grades; and Melissa Johnson and Steffani Tarrell are in need of another person to assist with preschool and kindergarten.  In September we have had 8 to 12 students in class.

Guests are always welcome.