Every so often through the grapevine, I hear that someone is wondering if I’d had a divine call to another congregation or declined such a call. I have not received an actual divine call from another congregation since I came to Zion in 2005. If I receive a such call from another congregation or church institution, pleased be reassured that you will hear about it (in worship services, the Together, this Newsletter, etc.). Since it’s been several years since Zion has gone through a call process for a pastor, I’ll share some more information on page 7.

Our access for all project is moving along fairly quickly. We should be able to use the handicap bathroom and lift elevator sometime this fall. I’ve been sharing some pictures showing updates of the work on our Facebook account. If you search for Zion Lutheran Church LCMS on Facebook, you should find it. Or stop by church and check out the progress. Please keep this project and our congregation’s ministry in your prayers.