This side of heaven, life can often be disappointing and frustrating. For us at Zion, the bids for our handicapped accessibility project being twice as expensive as we had hoped has presented us with some additional challenges. Where do we turn when life isn’t what we hoped? Luther commented: “Here we shall not go into the matter of how necessary prayer is, because of ourselves we ought to feel this.” Or as we sing: “Take it to the Lord in prayer.” I ran across an interview with Tim Cameron who stated: “I believe prayer has two great purposes. The first purpose is to change us. Prayer changes your outlook on life… Prayer changes us so that we change things. And that’s the second purpose of prayer: to empower us to change things.”

I don’t directly know the answer to what path we need to move forward on the handicapped project or for other disappointments in our lives, but in prayer we have the privilege of sharing our thoughts, fears, and concerns with the One who does know. Also the Holy Spirit has been promised in Scripture to work and strengthen our faith through Word and Sacrament which we gather around in Divine Service. So… let’s be in Word and Sacrament together, pray for guidance, seek options and trust God to work through us. And be sure not to take a vacation from Church because we need the Holy Spirit’s strength and guidance through Word and Sacrament.

See you in Divine Service,