A card I received from our church-body’s Concordia Publishing House suggested the “Top 5 Reasons to be in Bible Study” as 1. You need the Truth; 2. Your faith will grow stronger; 3. Know what you believe (and why); 4. You need Christian community; 5. You need encouragement.

I wish to challenge every member of Zion to be in a Bible Study or Class with other members. Check the calendar or if you would like to help start another Bible Study (perhaps in your home), please contact me and I’ll work hard to help make it happen. This also highlights why our Christian Nurture Chair is so important and why we need someone(s) to fill it. Right now, I and our Governing Board are the closest thing we have to a Christian Nurture Chair or Committee (currently there is not even a committee). We’ll do our best, but we have a lot of other things to focus on . If you don’t have a church office, please prayerfully consider being part of our Christian Nurture Committee!

At a recent committee meeting, the use of a “mystery shopper” to see how friendly and welcoming we are at Zion came up. If we do so, how well do you think we would do? Recently a visitor from California came into a Saturday night Divine Service about half way through the service (she probably didn’t know what time we started). From the pulpit, I noticed a couple of people slipped over to check on her – GREAT JOB! I pray that we at Zion will be noted as being solidly rooted in God’s Word and lovingly sharing our Lord Jesus’ grace!

See You in Divine Service,

Pastor Davidson