Thursday, April 11, at 6:30pm is the time of Zion’s Pre-Call Meeting with Iowa District West President Rev. Dr. Steve Turner and Adair Circuit Visitor Rev. Steve Wichtendahl. Please plan to attend this important meeting. This is where the “game plan” for Zion’s upcoming pastoral vacancy will be laid out.

For a Saturday night worship in February (Sunday was snowed out), I preached about the Old Testament Reading, Isaiah 6, which is the call of Isaiah to be a prophet for God. It starts out, “In the year that King Uzziah died.” We have difficulty grasping how significant this statement is. While Uzziah wasn’t the best king of Judah, he reigned for 52 years and the times were very dangerous as the vicious Assyrian Empire was seeking world domination — losing to them resulted in torturous, agonizing death or enslavement. About the only thing that close for our culture is the death of President Roosevelt after 12 years while World War 2 was still raging. What will happen with a new leader? The result could be very bad… so stress and worry levels are high.

But in the case of Isaiah, he sees God seated upon the heavenly throne — why fear… because God is in charge. That’s the message I wish for you all to remember. God is in charge. Whatever happens, God is in control and He will walk with us. No need to fear; instead, let’s gather to hear His promises and celebrate His redeeming love and guidance.

See you in Divine Service,