What is the central focus of your faith? The LCMS Stewardship Article on page 2 tells us that Easter is central. It determines everything else. Jesus died for our sins and rose victorious [Alleluia!] — this gives us hope no matter what else we face. We Lutheran Christians are “Christocentric,” everything centers around Christ, what He has done for all of us and the relationship this creates for us with God. We live under a generous God.

So often a stewardship approach will focus primarily on our relationship to God as stewards of His possessions. While there is truth to this, it can imply that a Christian is rewarded or punished by God for how we manage His possessions. Our Capital Campaign has a little different focus. The Leader’s Guide for our Wednesday night Bibles Study states:

These studies, and the whole approach of our Capital Stewardship Campaign, begin with our relationship to God (children of a generous God) rather than our relationship to things (stewards of God’s blessings). Our relationship to God determines our relationship to things. It is only when our relationship to things begins to determine our relationship to God that we get into trouble.

Thus, stewardship primarily arises from our Spiritual relationship with God rather than our relationship to the physical blessings He gives. I pray that our “By Grace… Access for All” campaign not only raises funds for an ADA bathroom and elevator but also brings us a renewed focus on God’s GRACE and growing maturity as Christ’s disciples. It’s all about Jesus!

See you in Divine Service,