Area Congregations Exploring Work Together

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 7:00 p.m.


(Hope to get through at least the first three items tonight)

 1) What is your congregation’s situation now, what do you expect to happen in the future? What plans do you currently have?

2) What do you think future ministry and staffing will look like in our mid-southwest Iowa area?

3) What can we share and do together now? What could we share in the future? Suggestions to make such sharing happen?

4) What suggestions or methods have been used to make ministry more effective in your congregation?

5) Suggestions or methods to retain young to middle-aged adults?

6) Effective ways to minister to youth, maintain connection as they attend school and/or begin careers in other areas, and (when settled in other areas) help them connect with a LCMS congregation close to them.



If you have any thoughts, please fill this out and return

to the church office. Upcoming meetings in Casey are

July 17 and August 23.