Our stewardship emphasis for November 2017 is “Disciples Living as Grace-filled Stewards.”  What does it means to be a disciple of Jesus?  When Jesus calls us to follow Him and we follow, we begin our journey as disciples.  In the early part of Jesus’ public ministry, Jesus called His 12 disciples.  They came from various walks of life, but they left everything behind and followed becoming inseparable from their Lord.  They spent approximately three years with Jesus, learning and listening.  The Holy Spirit called them by the Gospel, as He does us today.

During His time on earth, Jesus showed His disciples how to love and show mercy to people in need with Himself as their model.  He changed peoples’ hearts and lives, gave them a new purpose for living and gave them hope for their eternal future.  After Jesus had spent time preparing His disciples for ministry, He sent them out to disciple others.  These empowered disciples continued Jesus’ ministry of preaching and teaching the Word, baptizing, and loving all people.  Through the proclamation of the Gospel, many unbelievers became followers.

After Jesus’ ascension, these 12 disciples left a huge impact on the world.  God graciously empowered and used these ordinary men for the extraordinary task of carrying His life-saving message to the world.  They became instruments through whom God worked.  In the same way, God uses ordinary people like us to be His disciples who carry the message to those who will be lost without hearing and believing in it.  As Jesus’ disciples, we are the channels through whom He delivers His life-saving Gospel.  We become Jesus’ hands, feet, and mouth to share the Good News of Jesus’ love to all people.  By being disciples, we fulfill our Lord’s command to go and make disciples.  Thanks be to God for giving us the privilege to serve Him by serving others as His disciples.

See you in Divine Service,